Up on a cloud called love (4)

She woke up the next morning afraid, slightly feeling unwell.. She thought all night about her future, how is it going to be like.. where is she going to end up and with who? or what if she never ended up with anybody? what if she doesn't get married at all? what if she gets married to a guy who hits her? or doesn't treat her well? what if she married a typical Kuwaiti that used to love a girl and then gets married because he was pressured by his mother and then spends the rest of his life torturing his wife by going out all the time and trvelling with his friends? Ofcourse not all guys are like that.. the world doesn't work that way.. and if that's the case then no one would have gotten married in the first place. All in all Saray still believed in true love and fairytales, she wasn't giving up that easilly.

It's all the horror stories she hears.. her friends and friends of friends telling her their experiences, or just plain myths about boring failed marriages.. she never wanted to end up like that.. but being Saray she looked on the bright side always.. and hoped she'd be a princess to the right prince and they'd live happily ever after some day, But that prince just didn't come yet. She was sure the guy she saw yesterday wasn't her prince. No matter how good of a guy everyone keep saying he is.

As always to clear her head and let loose she called up Badra and went to their favorite serious talk spot, " Starbucks, Palms "

" Sooo you're saying no huh? " Badra asked as she took a sip of her coffee, Saray didn't know why but Badra sounded kind of.. happy and relieved..

" Yep sounds like it.. But B what if no one ever comes along after him.. i mean.. look at our aunt Shatha! she's 25 and only losers came to see her and she already thinks the road is over "

" you can't think like that S! you can't that's just stupid okay? 25 is not even that old for god's sakes!!! there will be more guys.. and there will be better guys i promise! "

Saray sighed and sipped her hot chocolate, she wasn't a coffee person at all.. but she enjoyed a cup at certain occasions. She looked away and kept dreaming about prince charming.. about red roses everywhere when he surprised her, about presents.. lots and lots and lots of presents.. Tiffany boxes, Channel boxes.. like damn! i don't even have to pretend i like this coz i love it! but who is he? or better yet WHERE is he?

She thought about the loser ex she had, he didn't even bother to buy her a cheap flower!! a guy with no gestures at all.. 'ugghh' she thought, how was i ever with him? maybe all guys are like that? Kuwaitis at least.. i mean would they do what girls want in their dreams? she didn't know.. it was a tough call according to Saray.

" Sooooooo you're excited about the big graduation? " Badra interrupted her thoughts

" Oh my god yes!!!! i want to do everything!!! travel the world, maybe open up a business!! Draw like i used to! read some books i didn't get to read! " Saray got too excited talking about it, she couldn't wait to be done. Although she loved her Marketing major, it was too much work and she just wanted to be done! FOREVER.

Badra did a little dance, she graduated a summer earlier than Saray,and was living the i don't care, Ba6ala life and it was GOOD.

Later on that night her dad called again " Saraaaay.. Soso! " She heard her mom call " Oboch yabeech "

" Hala baba " She answered, she was afraid he might bring up that guy who proposed again, but he never did and Saray was glad

" Ha baba sh9ar 3al Visa ? mako wagt tara 3ndich 10 days in London before your graduation ceremony itha ma6la3at ur Visa bacher there will be no point in coming such a long way for a short trip "

" Eee madre ma7ad dag 3alay i guess its not done yet.. "

" Ok shofy baba she9eer bacher w golele '6aroorii "

" Enshallah "


And the next morning they did call, her Visa was finally done!

" Yaaaaaaaayyyyy im coming im coming im comiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg! " She shouted to her dad over the phone

Her dad laughed " Yalla zahby jan6itich baba, and its freezing here bring very heavy clothes "

Saray grinned " Will do! " and she got on to packing, her dad booked her flight the next day, he didn't want to waste time

" Ya 7maraaaaaaaa you're leaving me? " Badra complained

" Gitlich ta3alay! my dad will take care of the hotel and food and everything just bring yourself! "

" Uggghh i can't.. i don't know i'll see but it's highly unlikely "

" Okay yalla let's go to Mama Mariam's, i'll pick you up in a few "

" Waaaaai3 3ad kaho baitna yamkom w ham enta ur few minutes is like a sa3a.. so i'll get dressed in an hour then "

" Malat 3alaich " Saray didn't argue.. she knew it was true, that was her bad habbit, even with a pajama and no make up she got dressed in an hour! it was a mystery but no one knew why, not even her.

They giggled and closed the phone

Saray was flying with happiness, she couldn't wait to go to London! She loved that place.. she just LOVED IT.

" Salaaaaam " They entered their grandmother's house to see everyone there, that's what they loved about it..it was never empty

They chatted, they laughed, they watched lame TV and ate.. ALOOOTTTT

" So it's time to goooo " Saray got up

" Ha wain wain " Her uncle asked

" Wellll i have to get home early i have a flight tomorrow "

" WhaT??!! wain m3a mno w sh7aga " her uncle was surprised, they were the kind of family that knew everything about each other, in each other's business all the time and it was okay.. no one minded it was because they were so close it was endearing actually

" Eeee baroo7 7ag baba London " Saray grinned

" Laaaa? " Her uncle seemed surprised " Mita w shno shloon? broo7ech ?"

" Ee wallah my Visa JUST finished w kil shay 9ar bser3a bser3a "

" Yeah she's going alone too.. " Badra giggled " God knows how that will work after the last time! "

Saray frowned " THAT WAS DIFFERENT " everyone laughed

She remembered the unfortunate incident...

She hated to remember it because it was very embarrassing but they kept reminding her of it!

Sigh, every time.. she thought

And she started to play it over in her head

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