Up on a cloud called love (4)

She woke up the next morning afraid, slightly feeling unwell.. She thought all night about her future, how is it going to be like.. where is she going to end up and with who? or what if she never ended up with anybody? what if she doesn't get married at all? what if she gets married to a guy who hits her? or doesn't treat her well? what if she married a typical Kuwaiti that used to love a girl and then gets married because he was pressured by his mother and then spends the rest of his life torturing his wife by going out all the time and trvelling with his friends? Ofcourse not all guys are like that.. the world doesn't work that way.. and if that's the case then no one would have gotten married in the first place. All in all Saray still believed in true love and fairytales, she wasn't giving up that easilly.

It's all the horror stories she hears.. her friends and friends of friends telling her their experiences, or just plain myths about boring failed marriages.. she never wanted to end up like that.. but being Saray she looked on the bright side always.. and hoped she'd be a princess to the right prince and they'd live happily ever after some day, But that prince just didn't come yet. She was sure the guy she saw yesterday wasn't her prince. No matter how good of a guy everyone keep saying he is.

As always to clear her head and let loose she called up Badra and went to their favorite serious talk spot, " Starbucks, Palms "

" Sooo you're saying no huh? " Badra asked as she took a sip of her coffee, Saray didn't know why but Badra sounded kind of.. happy and relieved..

" Yep sounds like it.. But B what if no one ever comes along after him.. i mean.. look at our aunt Shatha! she's 25 and only losers came to see her and she already thinks the road is over "

" you can't think like that S! you can't that's just stupid okay? 25 is not even that old for god's sakes!!! there will be more guys.. and there will be better guys i promise! "

Saray sighed and sipped her hot chocolate, she wasn't a coffee person at all.. but she enjoyed a cup at certain occasions. She looked away and kept dreaming about prince charming.. about red roses everywhere when he surprised her, about presents.. lots and lots and lots of presents.. Tiffany boxes, Channel boxes.. like damn! i don't even have to pretend i like this coz i love it! but who is he? or better yet WHERE is he?

She thought about the loser ex she had, he didn't even bother to buy her a cheap flower!! a guy with no gestures at all.. 'ugghh' she thought, how was i ever with him? maybe all guys are like that? Kuwaitis at least.. i mean would they do what girls want in their dreams? she didn't know.. it was a tough call according to Saray.

" Sooooooo you're excited about the big graduation? " Badra interrupted her thoughts

" Oh my god yes!!!! i want to do everything!!! travel the world, maybe open up a business!! Draw like i used to! read some books i didn't get to read! " Saray got too excited talking about it, she couldn't wait to be done. Although she loved her Marketing major, it was too much work and she just wanted to be done! FOREVER.

Badra did a little dance, she graduated a summer earlier than Saray,and was living the i don't care, Ba6ala life and it was GOOD.

Later on that night her dad called again " Saraaaay.. Soso! " She heard her mom call " Oboch yabeech "

" Hala baba " She answered, she was afraid he might bring up that guy who proposed again, but he never did and Saray was glad

" Ha baba sh9ar 3al Visa ? mako wagt tara 3ndich 10 days in London before your graduation ceremony itha ma6la3at ur Visa bacher there will be no point in coming such a long way for a short trip "

" Eee madre ma7ad dag 3alay i guess its not done yet.. "

" Ok shofy baba she9eer bacher w golele '6aroorii "

" Enshallah "


And the next morning they did call, her Visa was finally done!

" Yaaaaaaaayyyyy im coming im coming im comiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg! " She shouted to her dad over the phone

Her dad laughed " Yalla zahby jan6itich baba, and its freezing here bring very heavy clothes "

Saray grinned " Will do! " and she got on to packing, her dad booked her flight the next day, he didn't want to waste time

" Ya 7maraaaaaaaa you're leaving me? " Badra complained

" Gitlich ta3alay! my dad will take care of the hotel and food and everything just bring yourself! "

" Uggghh i can't.. i don't know i'll see but it's highly unlikely "

" Okay yalla let's go to Mama Mariam's, i'll pick you up in a few "

" Waaaaai3 3ad kaho baitna yamkom w ham enta ur few minutes is like a sa3a.. so i'll get dressed in an hour then "

" Malat 3alaich " Saray didn't argue.. she knew it was true, that was her bad habbit, even with a pajama and no make up she got dressed in an hour! it was a mystery but no one knew why, not even her.

They giggled and closed the phone

Saray was flying with happiness, she couldn't wait to go to London! She loved that place.. she just LOVED IT.

" Salaaaaam " They entered their grandmother's house to see everyone there, that's what they loved about it..it was never empty

They chatted, they laughed, they watched lame TV and ate.. ALOOOTTTT

" So it's time to goooo " Saray got up

" Ha wain wain " Her uncle asked

" Wellll i have to get home early i have a flight tomorrow "

" WhaT??!! wain m3a mno w sh7aga " her uncle was surprised, they were the kind of family that knew everything about each other, in each other's business all the time and it was okay.. no one minded it was because they were so close it was endearing actually

" Eeee baroo7 7ag baba London " Saray grinned

" Laaaa? " Her uncle seemed surprised " Mita w shno shloon? broo7ech ?"

" Ee wallah my Visa JUST finished w kil shay 9ar bser3a bser3a "

" Yeah she's going alone too.. " Badra giggled " God knows how that will work after the last time! "

Saray frowned " THAT WAS DIFFERENT " everyone laughed

She remembered the unfortunate incident...

She hated to remember it because it was very embarrassing but they kept reminding her of it!

Sigh, every time.. she thought

And she started to play it over in her head


Up on a cloud called love (3)

She entered the room to see her mom sitting next to a middle aged woman who looked really sweet,

"Hala.. hala wallah" the woman got up to greet Saray, she sat and talked with her for a bit, she found out that his name was ya3goub and that he was here with his aunt.. because his dad was away with his mother visiting his grandparents in the US and that his mom was American

She then started drifting away imagining what he'd look like.. how attractive he would be and how interesting.. and she wondered if she would find in him the husband she was NOT actually looking for.. but who knows? he might be.. he might change her mind

Before she knew it, it was time.. she had to go in and see the guy who was sitting in the other 9ala with her uncles, she was so nervous she couldn't put on her scarf, she wrapped her long golden brown hair in a bun and put on her white scarf and went in..

All she did was look down at the floor, then at her uncles and then she sat without looking at this Ya3goub who was right in front of her.. and then.. the men left, leaving her with this stranger so they can have some privacy.. how weird it is that you have to have privacy with a guy you've never met so you can see if he's a suitable husband!

She was always a traditional girl, a good girl, who obeyed the rules of her parents, her religion, and everything around her.. she loved it. It wasn't something she had to do.. she was doing what she thought was right.. and marrying a guy traditionally was what she thought she would some day do.. eventually.. even though she wasn't too crazy about it right this second

She looked up to see a pretty embarrassed young man. His skin was very fair and white, probably got that from his American mother, his cheeks were very red maybe even more red than hers! but she could tell he was very tall, as he started speaking he was kind of stuttering in his words, then she knew instantly.. he was speaking like that because he mainly spoke in his American accent.. it was adorable! They got to know each other and she learnt that he just knew how to speak Arabic two years ago.. she couldn't help but notice his red face.. his small eyes with his eyelashes.. he wasn't her type at all.. but that wasn't the problem

Saray felt nothing.

She kept repeating what her married friends said in her mind over and over again " When you see the guy who's going to be your husband.. you'll get a feeling in the pit of your stomach and you'll KNOW"

Well right now she didn't know anything, she didn't feel anything, maybe it's because they're both very shy right now

The meeting ended and she sat with her family later on that night " So how was he with you guys? " she asked her uncles

" 5osh walad wallah faqeer w mo2adab.. bs mo mohim e7na enty shrayich " Her uncles were the coolest.. she loved talking to them about different things, but now she was growing up and it felt a little weird, what was she supposed to tell them? it kind of felt off? like he was a little scared of her? that she didn't feel like he was her prince?

She just smiled and continued talking about different things and then went up to change,

" So tell me tell me tell meeeeeeeee!! " Badra screamed into the phone " How was he, was he hot? "

Saray sighed

" Oh that bad huh? "

" No not that bad 7aram.. he's just not my type but i don't care how he looks B .. that's the least of my worries "

" Well how was personality?! "

Saray was quiet, " Oh my god what DID you like about him ? " Badra asked

" Umm.. he was nice and polite? "

" Oh my god S! please please marry the guy coz he's polite and nice coz you don't get that from a 4 year old student! " Badra joked

" Oh my god B i felt nothing.. i didn't even like him that much "

" Then what's the big deal just say no "

" I feel bad.. he's sweet "

" Oh my god you're gonna get married coz ur too embarrassed to say NO?! "

" NO! .. well .. yeah .. " Saray didn't know what to do

" Ambaih maynoona? look 7aram you just met him.. plus they haven't even called, you were both nervous .. maybe next time it'll be better .. "

" Maybe.. maybe i'll ask to see him again i don't know.. "

" Yes please do! do see him next time.. you can't judge from one meeting 7aram.. the second time you'll know for sure "

" Yeah you're right.. and maybe he didn't even like me! maybe they won't call "

" Are you crazy? who doesn't like you?? "

Saray sighed. she hoped to god they don't call again.. she knew it was unfair to judge a guy by one meeting, but she just didn't feel it

What's ' IT ' exactly?

No one knows.. no scientists can prove it, no words could describe it.. it's just something you have in your heart when you see the ONE.. That one person that god made you for.. that amazing person you're gonna spend the rest of your life with..

And they called again..

This time, the guy wasn't as nervous as before.. But Saray discovered he had more issues. He was asking her all types of weird questions like " Do you listen to music? do you wear a seatbelt? " and then.. when he ran out of questions, he took out a piece of paper and started running through the questions on it just in case there was one he forgot! like they were in some kind of exam!

' Okay no no no noooo ' Saray thought. That's when she knew he wasn't for her.. definitely not. She wanted them smart not dorky


" Walah ana agool 7aram el walad mafe shay.. mn a7san ma yumkin " her dad was completely in love with the guy from what he heard

" Baba la2.. wai3 no please.. i can't "

" Yuba mako 9bayan mo2adabeen al7een.. mako.. ele tshofena walad zain e5theh tara mara7 ttzawejain itha bt7e6een 3ether sa5eef eb kil wa7ed eyelich "

Her dad was her best friend, she felt comfortable talking to him about anything, but this time he as stubborn.

" Baba mabeh.. mo 7aggy.. a7essa mo rayly! fe shay thany na6erny "

" Walah ma na6rich ela el 6al! enty btethbe7eeny? agolich el walad mafeh shay sh7lwa 7ata 5awalich matyeen 3alaih "

This time he didn't understand her, no one could.. he just wanted his little girl married and happy

" 3a6eeny omich bs 3a6eeny omich " she took the phone to her mom, and it was on speaker, she ran to her room and shut the door

" Yuba bntich hathy ma tby ttzawaj! w shakilha mara7 ttzawaj 5air shar! "

She heard him scream, then she kept crying into her pillow.. she cried and cried " Where are you? " She wondered "Where are you my prince?" She asked

But what if there was no prince? What if no one ever comes for her? what if she doesn't get married?

Saray was scared to be alone forever.. but she figured it's better than to live her life with a guy she didn't even like


Up on a cloud called love (2)

She sat there, waiting in her chair at the Visa application center for the UK.. A man in his hat was sitting with his mom, a woman with her two children there, a middle aged couple filling out their forms.. there she was giving up hope that her Visa will finish in time for her to travel and come back for her graduation ceremony " It just can't finish within the weekend it just can't " she kept telling herself, finally it's her turn to go in.

The nice lady asked her some questions, took her papers and her finger prints " Thank you we'll call you once it finishes within 3-5 working days " She thanked the lady and headed downstairs where she saw ( D'3aishem ) a radio presenter who was known for his lady-like accent and his silly ways, alot of people hated the guy, some loved him, she found him to be funny but irritating, she smiled at the guy who insisted on taking a picture with D'3aishem right on the narrow staircase and continued on her way " What a weird person to take a picture with, and o a staircase too!" She laughed with her inside voice and headed home.

She found her mom sitting on the couch talking on the phone, " Ee.. Ee.. E.. inzain w mno galikom? shno 3aylat'hom?.. ee..inzain w mn wain yayben esmha? Ee.. e.. " Saray felt her heart sink, she kind of knew what this was about but she didn't want to jump into conclusions, as soon as her mom shut the phone, her worst nightmare came true

" Hii mama shloniich?? " Her mom asked, she was in her mid 40's, very short and sweet just like Saray.. She wasn't interested in make-up or plastic surgery or fashion and she had an old soul.. Saray always encouraged her to go out and see the big world but her mom loved her home, her kids and her husband and she liked to chill and watch TV on her days off

" Hala mamii, who was that? " She couldn't hold it in any longer

Her mom laughed " Shno bsmilah ma tn6eren? "

Saray smiled " La2 "

" Fe nas yayeen "

" Shno y3ny ?

" B3d nas yayeen b3d sheesawon yzre3on bu9al? akeed ya56ebon mama " there it was, her nightmare

Saray's face fell, she felt like it was too soon for her to get married now, she wanted to concentrate on finding a job, on her sketches for fashion design, on her passion for cooking, on discovering the world right after college, going crazy and doing all the things that she hasn't done!

" Shrayich inty bl mawthou3 ? " Her mom asked and Saray thought for a second

" Ee bas baba mo hne " She said,

" Ee 5o beyon 7areem, lama enshalla be9er shay akeed beye "

Saray thought about it, She had 4 people call before this guy's family and she blew them all off without seeing them.. she was still studying, but now that she graduated.. she thought she might just see the guy.. nothing wrong with that right? i'm just seeing him. right. okay.

" Okay "

Her mom was wide eyed for a second " Okay? "

" Yeah okay let him come.. i'll see how it is and what happens.. " she didn't even believe the words coming out of HER mouth

Her mom was excited " Okay bs ohma 2 "

Saray paused " Ha ? "

Her mom nervously repeated " well apparently this woman called your grandma and was telling her that 2 cousins wanted to get married and asked if they have suitable girls and they told your grandma someone recommended you "

" For both guys???!! " Saray felt nuts

" I don't know honey they're obviously looking so you have to choose who you want to see "

Saray was mad, " Shno hatha zawaj bil jumla ? "

" La ya mama 5o ohma athnain wa7ed eyelich wel thany ngola 3an Badra bnt 5alich shfech? "

" ohh.. yeah! that's actually a good idea " Suddenly she was too excited at the thought of her and Badra getting married to cousins too and having a tacky double wedding and living happily ever after

" Okay so one of them is 25, is a stock broker and studied in the US.. oh and his mom is american w weld AL N "

" Ooh " Saray was intrigued

" The other one is 28 , is a fireman w ham nfs el 3ayla "

Saray hesitated again " Mom this is weird "

Her mom shrugged " I know "

" Alright.. the stock broker sounds interesting.. the other guy is too told for me "

Her mom smiled " Okay.. when they give me a call i'll tell you "

" Okay , " Saray got up and jumped in the shower, this was going to be the first time that she's actually agreed to see a guy..

She remembered how she was so against that when she was still studying, then how she was against it because she was too in love with her ex.. now it's.. a clear sky like they say.. nothing was holding her back, besides.. she was curious!

The day came where she had to meet the guy, she called her pretty aunt Jana who was a make-up goddess

" Oooooh Soso this is so axcitiiiiing " She said as she was applying eye shadow on Saray's eyelids

Saray laughed " You're gonna sit with them right? haw ana shaku omich w omi mawjodeen "

" Ee 7ata law "

" Ee 3ade ana bag3ad ba3ad chubby w g3day " the youngest aunt Shatha said while applying her own make-up

" Inzain wel 5awat elkbar wain omich laish ma galatlihom? ra7 yez3lon tara " Jana said

" She didn't want to make a big deal out of it they're only here to see things through.. when it progresses she'll let them know "

" Okaay.. but you're gonna have to deal with your crazy aunts " Jana shook her head

" But you're my aunt too " Saray was confused

" I know.. but I already know im crazy "

Saray laughed, she loved her aunts to death.

Then the moment of truth came, her aunts, her mom and her grandmother all went down to greet the people, and she stayed up and waited, and waited and waited,

Then, they called her, " Yalla Soso nzlay "

Uh oh.. here we goo...

How do they do this again?


Up on a cloud called Love (1)

You know how you're just this normal girl.. lives in a real world but doesn't necessarily have realistic thoughts? you have those dreams and daydreams and wishes about being a princess, owning a castle and someday having your own prince charming?! Oh, that prince charming.. the kind that every girl wants, dreams about and waits for.. sometimes her entire life..

You know when you're sitting in class, daydreaming about that cute guy that goes to your Uni.. or when you're in bed trying to imagine your wedding day and how your husband would be like.. or when you're in the car thinking when the hell your love is finally going to ask for your hand in marriage, or when your crush will finally say he loves you? even if you're that girl that gags at the thought of love and boys and says you're never gonna get married.. deep inside you want it to happen.. at least someday.. let's face it, we all want that, every girl whether she does or does not admit it she dreams.. she has wishes and she wants them all to come true

But do they? i mean do dreams really come true?

I was that girl.. just like any other girl, i melt when i see romantic comedies and i wish they would happen to me, i sigh at the sight of cute couples holding hands, i almost cry at weddings, i imagine myself in a huge perfect white wedding dress.. who doesn't right? i was the girl who was always told she was pretty but never saw it herself, the girl who looked in the mirror and thought she wanted to change her life, the world, and live happily ever after.. And this is my story..


" Duuuuuuude you're so cliche!! i feel so sorry for the guy who's going to marry you seriously! " Badra shouted, she was the cousin and best friend of Saray, the star of my story

Saray felt her heart sink " But- it could happen! he'll be perfect! oh if only he's rich! and handsome! and treats me like a princess! he won't even look at other girls.. " She had a dreamy look on her face

" 7abeebty.. all guys are stupid, they're all the same, kilhom shiya6een shi6ana mo 6abee3eyya, kilhom msafreen w y5arbe6on w yabon banat! killlllllhom " Shatha said, the girl's aunt who was only 4 years older, and was considered the older and wiser of the group, and ofcourse the one with the most exprience in this department.. and other departments for that matter, she was the best consultant for everything form college to food to highways around Kuwait city!

Saray was sad, she didn't believe that.. deep inside, she knew that there were good guys, maybe one guy in particular, just like her who believes in love and honesty and was sitting thinking about her right at this moment.. she thought about it a little then laughed at herself to quickly wash the thought away..

What she thought and what the girls were saying made her come to a quick disappointment ( maybe they ARE all the same..) she thought to herself giving up, remembering an old flame of hers.. a guy she was on and off with for years who claimed he loved her but never showed it, he still wouldn't let her go, they both hanged on to each other even though the spark was gone.. good times were so little and the bad times just seemed too much, she knew he did a couple of things that were shameful.. maybe he cheated too, she didn't know why she still had his number, or why he still stalked her from time to time.. but she didn't stop him either.. maybe they were each other's safety blanket? She sighed. They ended it a while ago, and she wasn't ready for love either ( the only guy im ever going to be involved with and love is my husband, that's it ) that was her motto

She was the prettiest of the bunch, guys came at every corner to get just a look from her but she never cared, she had one experience and she hated it, she wasn't ready at all nor was she interested

" Ana wallah batzawaj wa7ed '3any 7atta law shayib mu mushkila a7bly wa7ed 9'3eer 7lo on the side " Badra joked

" Oh my god i don't even knew how i'm going to get married, i don't want to " Hala said, she was the quietest cousin of the girls, she was the only girl between 3 boys, she was considered to be very very spoiled and daddy couldn't say no to anything she asked, she was very sweet but her words could be brutal and they loved that about her, she studied abroad and they miss her terribly when she goes away

"Ofcourse who needs a husband with daddy's money " Shatha joked

" Yalla 3ad im not like that " Hala defended

They all laughed, they were best friends ever since they can remember! even though each had a completely different personality they were sisters! it's the best thing when your family members are your friends too and you know they have your back

Every weekened the girls would arrange an outing to have fun, let loose and escape a little, they'd have dinner, cruise a bit and then have a nice sleepover at the their grandma's, stealing their aunt Shatha's clothes, watching Tv or should i say mocking every program on it! And ofcourse eating their midnight snacks and talking for hours until they all fell asleep

" Oh my god i can't believe i graduateddddd " Saray said, she was always the happy girl, the glass have full girl, she loved life, she always saw her rainbows, she was in her Lala land and she didn't care, she loved it. She just finished college -even though her brain is of a 5 year old- and was ecstatic! she studied business marketing at Kuwait university

" I knooooowwww oh my god it feels like yesterday!! " Badra was only a couple of months younger but had finished from Gust earlier because she finished all her courses fast, their graduations were only a course apart " Oh my god i DESPERATELY need a break "

" I knoooow i wanna travel so bad! " Saray said " Bas madre ma ymdy 7aflety bagy 3alaiha shway, ymkin aroo7 3ugub "

" Way ee ana b3d basafer shakly baye m3a ay wa7da fekom w akshit bl dawam " Shatha mentioned

" 5o enty kila kashta bl dawam mta dawamtay a9lan ? " Saray said, Shatha had graduated only a couple of years before the girls and was working now, she hadn't worked for long but she loved sleep so working hours were dreadful to her even though she worked in a public institute and her working hours were very short

" Oh my god i could never go work in 7kooma , so boring! i want something interesting ana ma derast Finance 3ashan a76 reel 3ala reel bl maktab no way " Badra said

" Way wala ana.. bs shswe i don't care as long as the job is good and the place is good i'll work there, mako marketing companies wayed bl kwait and i want a secure good job " Saray said

" Way ana 5al a5aLi9 awal g6ee3a " Hala was still studying architecture abroad just outside the UK, and was trying her best to excel

The girls headed to Slider to have some fatty goodies and headed home for a sleepover.

They had a huge family, they had 12 aunts and uncles and many many other young cousins, they got together every Friday for lunch but their grandmother's house was full of people coming and going almost everyday! they were all very very close, all the girls and espacialy Saray who was the oldest granddaughter of them all spent more time at her grandma's than at home! " Baba mno gaylich baita fndq bs tnameen feh w takleen? " Her dad would always joke, because ever since she graduated she was either out with the girls or at her grandma's

She rarely saw her parents, or went out with her sisters who were a few years younger and would always beg her o take them out, she loved them dearly but she was busy having fun

" Helloooooo " They all said as soon as they walked into their grandma's, Saray ran to kiss her grandmother Manar who was the cutest 50 year old, she had on her big funny glasses, was knitting and watching tv at the same time, her house was busy ofcourse, her 28 year old aunt Jana was there with her 2 gorgeous children Ameena and yousif who were 3 and 1, her other aunt Deema was there with her youngest son a7mad who was 3

Shatha, was the yougest aunt and before her were Jana and Deema, they were always the cooler crazy aunts of the lot, and the girls loved them all

" Seyaaaaaaaaaayy " A7mad ran towards Saray and then Ameena followed, she was the kids favorite, they loved
her the most, no one know what it was, she was crazy about the kids too

" Hiiiiii my babiiiiieeeeessss " She hugged them

" Sosiiiii shlounich?! " Her aunt Jana asked " Wain 6al3een yal millaq laish ma ta3zemouni "

" Wai3 wain nyeebich inty w 3yalich " Shatha joked, Yousif who was just learning how to walk came and hung on to her leg " We yummmmaaaaa 3yalich el jomala2 wallah amoot amoot " She picked him up and started kissing him

" Shoufy ya 7mara 3yaly foqara ma y2athoon " Jana said sarcastically, they all laughed coz even though her kids were so adorable, they were crazy annoying and 7anna

" 3ade yeebeehom ana amsekhom! batbanahom 36ene yahom " Saray denfended

" 5ara feeeeech, madre laish y7bonha el yahal madre shmsawya fehom " Badra gave Saray a look of slight jealousy

" Ymkin coz she shares the same brain as them " Hala joked

Saray laughed " Ya shagoooool " She knew it was partly true, but she didn't care, she had the innocence of a child and a smile that made every kid a friend of hers

" A5 bs lo a7mdo kbeer chan zawajtich yah Soso " Deema said

" Waaaaay artha! an6ra ykbar 3ade!! " Saray joked

" Waaaa33333 blekhhh who marries their cousin?! " Badra said

" 7adda eeewww " Hala agreed

" You're so weeeiiirrrrrrrd " Jana made fun of the two coz they were talking in pure english

" Wallah ebtalashna bl english school ebtalashnaaaa " Shatha shook her head

" Bas 3ad! az3ajtony taraaa " Mama Manar interrupted

" Laish yumma enty gam t7eekeen wla tsm3eenna wla tshofen el tv ? " Jana asked

" 5aleeha ehya t7b tswe kil shay bwagt wa7ed fdait'ha " Deema said

They all looked at their grandma and laughed, she was too cute

" Ashoof yalla aho gomo wadoni jam3yya " She told them off

" Yumma sa3a 11 bilail " Shatha told her

" Ee haw shno y3ny ana wyakom wel jm3yya mba6la " without further convincing, Mama Manar got up to change

" Yay jam3yyaaa " Saray danced a little, it was her second favorite place on earth after Disneyland!

" Weirdooo, im just going there for the food " Badra had a body of a skeleton but ate like a bear! no one knew how it worked

" Wai3 malii 5lg aye " Hala, as usual being the lazy one

" Chub chub gomay tadree omy el7een cham 3arabana tby? kil wa7da btdz wa7da yalla ashoof " Shatha said


The next day when Saray was back home, she got a Tango call form her father who was in London with her grandfather for treatment

" Hala babaaaaa " He said, she was the eldest of 3 girls and was considered the shinier diamond of the rest to him, he loved them all but Saray was different, she was his first pride.. the eldest who graduated with honors just like he wanted, the polite one and quieter one

" Hiiii baba i miss you! come back! " she said as she was trying to take her scarf off, " Haaa china tawich radda " He noticed

" Eee wallah mn bait mama manar knt nayma hnak " She told him

" Ahaaaa, inzain baba shrayich tyen 3nde? " He asked

" Wain baba ? London?! " she asked

" Ee 3ade ta3alay shrayich? '3ayray jaw tawech m5al9a jam3a, come shop here have fun " all of the sudden she was too excited to even talk right

" Ambai inzain shlon w shno w 7aflat el ta55arroj b3d cham youm w ma3nde Visa w wain bag3ad!! " It was all too much and her dad laughed,

" Bacher sawy el Visa go apply VIP w jarbay ymkin t5li9 b3d 3 days then you'll have 10 days in London atwaqa3 kafy "

She grinned " Yaaaaaay! bas enshallah 3ad t5ali9 el visa ! atwaqa3 za7ma hnak akeed it's February "

" Jarbay mnty 5asra shay .. ha wain ummich 3a6eeny yaha " He told her

" Okay, " still grinning, she took her phone to her mom and she slept early to wake up in time and go apply for a Visa


Once upon a lie 36 " Finale "

Previously; Wahab found out that his mystery girl who was stalking him all that time was all along Kenzii.. his "clamied dead" girlfriend! they started chatting away and all the while he was ignoring his current girlfriend Shaikha who changed him for the better after his tragic relapse.. and who was there to comfort her? Wahab's best friend and cousin 3abdallah.


Wahab and Kenzii started seeing each other on a regular basis. Wahab couldn't believe that she was back, his love, his everything, he was too happy to care that she faked her death.. and too happy to remember Shaikha.. who's birthday was on this exact same day.. who was sitting on a chair at the restaurant Wahab asked her to be at 3 weeks ago when he made the reservation but forgot..

Before she could reach her phone to text who she was about to text, she turned around to the sound of feet behind her to see that it was 3baid.. through out the few weeks they've been talking as friends.. not knowing that 3baid fell in love with her as soon as he saw her on that weekend when she ran back to her Shalaih, Shaikha has been attracted to him too.. but for the sake of Wahab no one said a word.. they couldn't let it happen, but Wahab was too busy getting back with his dead ex girlfriend to notice her, and so 3baid did..

He stood there watching her beautiful face, she had a sexy purple dress on for the celebration that was supposed to happen.. a few tears dropped on her cheek

" He.. forgot me.. " she said in a low voice, 3baid's heart broke

He moved closer to her table and sat down " i'm sorry.. " He said, she wiped her face and stared at the table and then realized

" What are you doing here? " She asked confused,

" I'm the one who made the reservation on Wahab's behalf.. and when i knew he didn't show up.. "

Shaikha's face fell, " And the pre gift he got me? " Wahab had given her her gift in advance.. he thought it would be a nicer surprise.. it was a small velvet box with a tiny necklace that had a crystal dolphin on it..

3baid looked away, she then knew it was him! he was the one who knew about her love for swimming.. he got her the gift and asked Wahab to give it to her as if it was from Wahab! Shaikha wanted to shout, then cry, then break the plates in front of her and leave, but she didn't..

" Shaikha.. Kenzii is not dead.. Kenzii is with Wahab right now, he found out that she'd been chasing him.. and now they want each other back " 3abdallah blurted out, he couldn't take it anymore

She just started laughing, hysterically " Oh! oh grrreeeeaaaattt .. im spending my 24th birthday with a sick heart, a boyfriend who left me for his dead ex girlfriend, and my crush sitting in front of me.. " She laughed and laughed until she stopped to realize what she'd just said, 3baid's eyes popped out " ww-wwhat? " She quickly grabbed her coat and got up to leave, he caught up with her and grabbed her arm " Wait " She stopped and stared at him

He had broad shoulders and huge arms and it looked like he was about to break her when in reality his touch was full of love and protection.. They stood there for a while and all the restaurant was staring..

Just then, all dressed up in a grey shirt and black pants, came in Wahab.. to look at his cousin, his best friend and his girlfriend in that position..

He was shocked, it was more than overwhelming to him, without thinking he approached 3baid

" Wa- " before 3baid could finish he saw a fist coming his way.. Wahab punched 3abdallah, Shaikha screamed and left the restaurant in a hurry.. and Wahab soon followed her..

He couldn't tell her anything, how could he when he was cheating on her with Kenzii? he took his car and went back to her house..

" Baby.. " Kenzii said when she saw him " I thought you left " he grabbed her and went up to her room

2 years went on..

3baid saw Wahab occasionally at family gatherings but they never spoke.. everyone was surprised but they were too afraid to ask..

Wahab traveled back to Canada with Kenzii

Shaikha went ahead with her surgery and was in a coma for a month and when she woke up 3abdallah was there.. asking her hand in marriage..

Wahab married Kenzii and promised to take care of her son Wahab junior as well.. after him they had a beautiful baby girl with blue eyes called and called her " Lilly "

" Me and 3baid always fought over that name.. we always said we'd name our daughters lilly.. they'd be the two lillies.. " Wahab smiled as he told the story to Kenzii

" Lillyyyyy " Wahab gave lilly a look, " Don't feed the fishies bread baby come here sit next to daddy " Wahab, Kenzii, lilly were at a fancy chinese restaurant with a fish pond, across the table Kenzii was talking away with her son Wahab who was away doing his masters degree and couldn't concentrate

" Lilly come hold daddy's hand " Wahab heard a voice at the table next to them.. he turned around to see 3baid.. with a pretty black haired little girl.. 3baid looked up to see him.. they both smiled " Baby did you get my bag ? " in came Shaikha and then stopped to look at them both..

Wahab and 3baid slowly got up, stared at their families and laughed out loud

" I missed you bro " Wahab told him, hugging him tight

" I missed you too "

" so lilly, huh? 3baid asked Wahab

both lillies turned around to look at their daddies who looked silly, then Wahab and 3baid laughed again


Once upon a lie 35

They stood there in the middle of the garden just staring at each other with elements of surprise and emotion.. the man from the cafe that Wahab had hired who had helped with all of this excused himself and left the garden, apparently they have ALOT to figure out.(there's my mystery girl..) thought Wahab, (She wasn't in my head after all.. Kenzii is really here.. She's not dead!) Any person would think they've gone crazy at this point, but Wahab was too happy, too glad, too mesmerized by her re-existence to think about anything else.

" Hi " She started, he stood there.. froze, and said nothing else. She did not blame him, nor did she want him to say anything, she was too scared from the words that COULD come out of his mouth.. She disappeared back in Canada and she was declared dead, and now she's back here in Kuwait to meet him? what was she doing? what did she want anyway? she didn't know.

She started moving closer and closer towards him, " Mummmyyyyyyyyy!" young abdulwahab suddenly shouted, they both froze again and it's like their bubbule had popped, hey're back into the real world "Go back and play baby i'll meet you later okay?" she played with her son's hair, he nodded and ran quickly to the house. She continued to walk towards him, he started moving towards her too.. their paces started becoming faster and faster until they were standing face to face "K-kkenzii" He said, "You're.. you're.. real" She smiled " You look like you've seen a ghost " they both smiled at the ironically too real of a joke, she suddenly took his hand and he shivered like a little boy who has in fact seen a ghost, she looked at him and smiled and he forgot what fear eve was.. they walked and walked for hours in that garden until the sun started setting.. for the first 15 minutes no one had said a word.. but later, the story burst out and there was nothing to hide.

Kenzii had told him what exactly happened in Canada. She told him how she got sicker and sicker everyday.. how her dad was not happy about her and Wahab's relationship.. how his business went down hell and alot of people wanted money from him so they both had to be on the run " So.. he declared you were dead?!" Wahab was repelled by the idea

" To protect me!" Kenzii defended " They were men after us Wahab.."

" But what about ME?!! you made me think you were dead! i would've protected you! i would've been there for you!

" There was nothing you could do Wahab! if you knew we'd both be dead by now.. just like him.." She looked at the ground

Wahab stopped " Your..your dad died? "

She was still looking at the ground and said nothing

" Kenz im so so sorry.. " he said in a low voice and suddenly hugged her. Her smell reminded him of the old days, of Canada, their dates, their love. She felt at ease in his arms, she sniffed his perfume for a minute, then let go.

" And i was left at my aunt's house back in Kuwait because i couldn't live without a guardian.. everything was new to me.. i didn't know what to do or how to live.. i felt like a burden for her and her husband and kids.. they didn't want me there i could tell, " She told him " and then this man came, Bu Khalid they called him.. i had no choice but to marry him.. i thought i'd be better off without them.. figure out a way out of this mess.. "

" Bu Khalid?.. " Wahab asked surprised and angry at the same time " He sounds as old as-" she didn't let him continue " He is as old as my grandpa.. " she said " But.. He gave me Little Wahab.. " She looked back at the house "

She continued the story, told him about how she was unhappy, how he was always away and travelling.. and how she thought about nothing but him, she still loved him.. to the extent that she named her own son after him..

The story was cut short by a phone call.. a phone call from someone who was so dear to Wahab's heart.. a someone whom he forgot about.. a someone who helped him get through the pain that Kenzii had caused him.. "Shaikha.." He whispered while he held his ringing phone, he rejected her call " Um.. Kenzz listen i.. uh.. i have to go.. " He said, " But.." she siad, she was too upset she didn't want him to leave.. " Can i at least see you again? " SHe asked , Wahab smiled " You can.. " he gave her his phone number and hurried out of the house

"Heyyy " He said as soon as he answered the phone, " I miss you too baby.. no umm i was just with 3abdallah i didn't hear it.. yeah.. umm no baby i can't tonight how about i see you tomorrow? Yeah okay that sounds great.. " He shut the phone and Shaikha stayed on her desk disappointed and continued to work on her project. he felt very bad lying to her like that.. but his mind was too caught up in what had just happened he just wanted to get back home and lay on his bed..

The next day 3abdallah agreed to meet Wahab at their favorite coffee place to tell him all about what had happened

" Wait wait.. WHAT?!!" 3abdallah was almost shouting, " Shhhhhh " Wahab shot back

" But.. but.. this is insane!!! what are you gonna do now? " 3abdallah asked,

" Well i don't know.. but i know that i want to see her again.. " Wahab answered,

" But what about.. what about Shaikha.. " His heart skipped a beat when he said her name, that was what he was thinking about this whole time.. what about Shaikha? " how is she going to handle you running into your ex dead girlfriend who's not so dead anymore? "

Wahab sighed " I dont know man.. i dont know.. "

"So anyway what are you going to get her? " 3abdallah asked, wahab looked very confused

" For her birthday " 3abdallah said like it was obvious " Shaikha, what are you going to get her for her birthday it's ext week " Wahab still looked confused " And how do you know that? " He asked, 3abdalllah laughed nervously " Cause you mentioned it earlier stupid " 3abdallah laughed nervously, and hoped Wahab wouldn't catch up

" Right right.. " Wahab smiled " Yeah i don't know man i haven't thought about it yet "

" Right cool.. " 3abdallah nodded, but he was more disappointed than ever.. here was Wahab with the most amazing girl ever and all he could think about was his dead girlfriend who's alive again.. it was so not right, it was so not cool 3abdallah thought.. and all that happened while Wahab still haven't got a clue about Shaikha's heart disease

None of that felt right to him, but he decided it was none of his business.

Later at night, Wahab finally met up with SHaikha.. they haven't sat together in over 2 weeks! She sat there all dolled up wearing a short red dress and she looked gorgeous, she waited and waited for a complement from Wahab.. but his mind was too far off thinking bout Kenzii.. She kept texting him to see how he's doing.. but he couldn't stop texting back.. or smiling for that matter

" Babyy? " Shaikha asked

" yeah baby im sorry so tell me how was your week been ? "

She smiled " It was great!.. " She continued on and on talking about her week and Wahab was nodding and smiling ignorantly, he didn't hear a word.. he just kept imagining Kenzii's face

Then Wahab snapped out of it, dude! concentrate! your beautiful girlfriend is right here.. with you.. the girlfriend who didn't lie about her death! the girlfriend who helped you get out of your deppression! the girlfriend you.. love. He told himself, i do.. i love her.. without Shaikha im nothing.. i wouldn't have done anything! " Shaikha i love you " He blurted out and she stopped talking

" I love you " He repeated aagain, Shaikha smiled " I love you too "

Interrupting the moment, Wahab's phone ran again.. it was a text from Kenzii

(( Little Wahab is sick.. we need to go to the hospital, please help! ))

He almost jumped out of his seat, " Im so sorry baby i have to go.. one of my friend's kids is in the hospital "

" Oh my god, well.. GO GO don't just stand here, " She told him quickly, he kissed her forehead and ran outside

Shaikha sighed, poor kid.. she thought, then she remembered her own disease.. she was going to have surgery very very soon.. her heart was growing too big for her chest, she needed to tell Wahab.. she was going to tonight!.. she promised 3abdallah she will " Oh well.. " She sighed, maybe tomorrow. She huffed to shut down the candles and hurried to change her lovely red dress that she wore to impress Wahab into a comfortable grey PJ

She lay on her bed not sleepy at all, she kept staring at the ceiling until her phone suddenly vibrated


It was from 3abdallah! he was worried about her.. he knew she as planning to tell Wahab her big secret, she smiled instantly and replied..




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